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7 ways you can spring clean your health and wellness

The blossoms are out, the flowers are in bloom and the long light days are just around the corner. It can only mean one thing, spring is in the air

Springtime naturally brings with it a real sense of renewal—we feel revitalised, refreshed and ready to turn a new leaf. Lots of us jump on these springtime feels by freshening up and decluttering our homes and living spaces. But spring is also the perfect time of year to take stock of our health and wellness routines. 

An estimated 80% of people ditch their new year's resolutions by mid-February. But with the doom and gloom of winter behind us, springtime offers the perfect opportunity to reassess and bounce back into healthier habits. 

Here are a few ways you can spring-clean your lifestyle and start the new season on the right foot. 

Identify your wellness goals

As with all things health and wellness related, to succeed, you need goals. Identify what’s most important to you and then break your goals down into smaller milestones, or things you can measure week by week to reach your goals. Write these down and put them somewhere visible. Even better, ask a partner or friend to help keep you accountable and regularly check in with you on your progress. 

Refresh your supplements

Make sure you extend your decluttering to your supplements stock. Check labels and get rid of any out of date or expired products (even vitamins have an expiry date). This is also a great time to consider how you’ve been feeling and whether a new supplement regimen could help you reach any of your defined goals.

Optimise your gut health

More and more research is pointing to the gut microbiome as one of the biggest governors of our health. If you’ve been feeling a little sluggish, try adding some gut friendly supplements and pre and probiotic foods into your diet. This could include things like tempeh, vegan kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha. 

Nail your routine

Another cornerstone to success with our health and wellness is consistency. Often we set out with the best intentions, but our busy lives simply get in the way. Plan out your weekly routine and set aside time for reaching your goals. This could be things as simple as setting reminders to take your supplements, meal prepping for the week ahead, or clearing your evening schedule for some movement. 

Boost your immune system

In the UK we really suffer from the lack of sunlight, and in turn Vitamin D3, during the colder months. As a result our immune systems can take a hit, making us susceptible to colds, coughs and allergies when the weather changes. Make sure you’re keeping your Vitamin D3 boosted throughout the spring and summer to support your immune system. Afterall, we can’t hit our health goals if we’re sick. 

Prioritise your sleep routine

As the weather changes and we get the itch to be more sociable, one thing that often quickly goes out of the window is our sleep pattern. But sleep really is the holy grail for health. Try and stick to going to bed and waking up at the same time every day (yes even at weekends) and make sure you’re keeping your bedroom cool as the weather warms. 

Try some new movement

Whatever movement looks like for you, try something new this spring and shake up your routine. Whether that’s simply getting out in the great outdoors once a day or adding in five minutes of stretches before taking your supplements, more movement will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to start the day right, every day.  

Put that spring back in your step

Whatever your wellness goals are for the rest of the year, try out some of these tips and hit the ground running for the season ahead. Spring time is the perfect time to start afresh, but remember with any health and wellness routine, consistency is key.