Vitamin D3 product benefits

Health-boosting: Vitamin D3 is responsible for the normal functioning of our immune system as well as the maintenance of healthy teeth, bones and muscles. Sustainably sourced from nourishing algae, our expertly formulated Algae Vitamin D3 supplements draw power from ocean plants to give your body the vital nutrients it needs, all while safeguarding our seas.

Fish-free: As well as being more sustainable than fish oil, our algae oil supplements are also safer to consume. This is because they are sourced from algae in purified pools of salt water away from the ocean, allowing us to create a purer product for you and safeguard our seas at the same time.

Sustainably packaged: All of our supplements are packaged in a minimal eco-bag with recyclable outer-packaging. To minimise waste, we provide a glass jar with your first purchase which can be reused via our handy Refill Service.