Omega 3 product benefits

Health-boosting: Evidenced to have a profound effect on mood as well as eye, brain and heart health, Omega 3 DHA from algae is among one of the best supplements to take for a healthier and happier you.

Fish-free: Algae oil is not only more sustainable compared to fish oil, but also safer to consume too. Our algae oil is extracted from purified pools of salt water in a controlled environment, allowing us to preserve the purity and protect our ocean ecosystems at the same time. Since we use algae-based Omega 3 (its purest source), there are no nasty chemicals left behind such as heavy metals which are often found in fish oil.

Great for all the family: NothingFishy algae Omega 3 supplements are for the wave changers, the eco-conscious and the ocean savers. They’re ideal for those following a plant-based or compassionate diet, and are equally suitable for pregnant women and young children.

Sustainably packaged: You’ll find all of our supplements packed in a minimal eco-bag with recyclable outer-packaging. To avoid waste, your first purchase will come with a mini glass jar which can be reused via our handy Refill Service.