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We've been officially certified by The Vegan Society!

We have some big news to share: we're now registered by The Vegan Society! As an ocean-first brand led by sea-loving people, this is a significant milestone in our sustainability efforts, and we're so happy that you're here on this journey with us.

What makes NothingFishy vegan?

Unlike NothingFishy's plant-based alternatives, many supplements in the health industry are made from animal-derived products such as fish oil, which contributes to overfishing and disrupts delicate oceanic ecosystems.

Instead, we formulate all of our supplements from algae grown in specially developed tanks, meaning we don’t take anything away from the ocean or the creatures who eat the algae. So, by choosing supplement brands like NothingFishy, you can feel great knowing that you’re not only improving your health but the health of our oceans too.

What does this new certification mean?

When a brand's products have been verified by The Vegan Society, it means that they have been certified as vegan and meet the highest standards. So, whenever you see their logo, you can feel rest assured that you're choosing a 100% plant-based product.

Who are the Vegan Society?

Established in 1944 in the UK by Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley, George Henderson and Fay Henderson, The Vegan Society is the world's oldest vegan organisation. Their mission is to eradicate animal exploitation and cruelty for food, clothing or any other purpose while also promoting the development and adoption of animal-free alternatives that benefit people, animals and our environment.

The Vegan Society offer extensive information and guidance on various aspects of veganism, publishing a quarterly magazine known as The Vegan.

You can learn more about The Vegan Society including their history and key facts here.