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Planet Earth means the world to us here at NothingFishy, and since you’re here too, we’re sure you feel the same. From the 13th-19th of March 2023, we partnered up with our ocean-loving friends over at to give back to Mother Nature as part of Mother’s Day week.

For every one-time-purchase of our Algae Vitamin D3 supplements or Algae Omega 3 supplements, we donated 10% of all proceeds towards Seaful's unwavering efforts in protecting our precious oceans. The grand total of donations came to £457 - thank you to everyone who got involved! 

Curious to learn more? Read on to hear more about Seaful’s story and their ongoing Vitamin Sea Project!

About Seaful

Driven by their deep appreciation for the beauty of our seas, founders Cal Major and Lorna Evans have always been ocean advocates. After recognising that more conversations were needed about our planet’s health and just how powerful of a force our oceans can be for our mental well-being, Seaful was launched in 2020 by Cal with the support of Ocean Ambassadors. founders Cal Major and Lorna Evans


“Here at Seaful, we've been fortunate enough to find our own deep connection to the ocean through years of surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, scuba diving and swimming. We're very conscious of the enormous role it's played in our own well-being and mental health journeys. This has translated to a deep appreciation of just how vital our seas are globally, and a passion to look after them." Cal and Lorna told us.

Through their inspiring films and ongoing Vitamin Sea Project, Seaful’s main purpose is to help people of all ages forge mindful connections to the sea and spend more time in blue spaces in ways that support their personal well-being. They also seek to encourage individuals to recognise the crucial importance of caring for our seas in the hope that they too will become ocean citizens.

About Seaful’s Vitamin Sea Project

Seaful’s Vitamin Sea Project was born from Cal’s stand-up paddleboarding expedition from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 2018. During her journey, she had the opportunity to have conversations with local coastal communities about solutions to plastic pollution.

After speaking to them, it became clear to Cal that these communities had established personal connections to the ocean, particularly due to the mental health benefits that being in nature can bring. She soon realised that the best way to protect our seas and waterways is to encourage people to find and develop a personal bond with them.

Today, Seaful facilitates mindful in-person experiences of our seas and waterways, offering people the opportunity to immerse themselves in fun water-based activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling and rockpooling and to be at one with nature.

Woman and child snorkelling

Image credit: Aym Dupuy

Seaful's Vitamin Sea Project gives people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore blue spaces near where they live and form lasting connections, all while learning about the importance of them.

“We focus on the well-being benefits of being by water and facilitate an appreciation of how it feels to be there, empowering people to find these benefits outside of our sessions too. We also hope to inspire and educate our beneficiaries, create a sense of wonder and awe for our ocean, and empower stewardship for nature.” says Cal.

Seaful's latest activities have included snorkelling in the marine protected area around Lundy Island with Young Carers, stand-up paddleboarding with Ukrainian refugees, and rockpooling with teenagers.

They also took children from Glasgow to visit the Isle of Arran to enjoy water sports and see all the fascinating wonders of what’s underwater for themselves.

Group of people standing in water

Image credit: James Appleton

“We have run SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) clean ups, beach workshops and mindfulness in nature sessions, and have found groups up and down the UK that have hugely benefited from experiences they might not otherwise have had. We've also conducted film screenings, school talks and education programmes, and have been involved in mental health and blue health workshops."

In 2023, Seaful will be increasing their offerings in areas they already work in and expanding to new areas in the UK. They will be running a bespoke programme for Ukrainian refugees in North Devon, initiating SUP sessions in Cornwall and Wales, and finding new snorkelling spots around the coast for young people.

Cal and Lorna have also told us that they’re super excited to kick off their Peer to Peer learning programme which will serve to empower young people to learn about the ocean and what it means to be Seaful. Their hope is that this knowledge and passion will be passed on to other members of the community to help others care for and connect with our seas.

If you want to see the Vitamin Sea Project in action, there's plenty of awe-inspiring videos on Seaful’s official YouTube channel!

Group of people paddleboarding

Image credit: Dead Sharp Media

How to further support Seaful

Saving our seas and waterways is an ongoing feat, and so as fellow ocean advocates we truly admire all that Seaful has accomplished so far and are continuing to do.

We hope that hearing about all of Seaful's efforts inspires you to become a citizen of the ocean too! Want to get involved? Head over to and get in touch with them today via their contact page.

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