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7 Steps to Becoming an Ocean Citizen

Early this year, Nothing Fishy and Seaful partnered up to spread passion and love for the oceans. 

Seaful is a company started by Cal and Lorna in 2020, is all about loving the ocean and its benefits for our minds. They want everyone to care for the sea because it's helped them feel better. Through films and the Vitamin Sea Project, they encourage people to connect with the sea and become ocean fans.

Together with Seaful we are working on turning our fellow citizens into Ocean Advocates. If you're interested in becoming an "Ocean Citizen" and want to know the seven steps to get started, read on. It's a great guide to help you join the ocean-loving community!

You can also download PDF on this HERE

1. Find your own connection to the sea

  • Ask yourself what the sea means to you and reflect on how it feels to be there.
  • Recognise what you need to nurture that connection, for example spending more quality time in your favourite blue spaces when you can.
  • Remember that wherever you are, you’re connected to the ocean through the water you drink, the oxygen you breathe and the rivers running near you.

2. Share the ocean with someone else

  • A personal connection to the water is the starting point for caring about it and becoming an Ocean Citizen. Think about who can you (safely) introduce to your favourite blue space to help them form a connection to it too?

3. Learn about the sea

  • Knowledge is power! Is there a particular subject or species that you’re interested in? Perhaps there is a conservation topic or campaign that excites you? Learn as much as you can about it - for example by reading books, watching films, and speaking to experts.
  • Here at Seaful, we are continually growing our Vitamin Sea TV-film collection on YouTube - YouTube.com/@seafulcharity

4. Share your knowledge and passion

  • Talk about what you care about! Give a presentation at school or work, talk to friends and family, and share reputable information online.

5. Use your voice

  • Stand up for the wildlife and places that don’t have a voice.
  • Write to your MP/MSP/MS and tell them what you care about and why, and how you’d like things to be done differently. You can find your MP here: https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP
  • Add your name to petitions that you believe in.
  • If you’re comfortable to, take part in peaceful protest.

6. Become a steward of your local blue space

  • Local people are best placed to care for the local environment, be that a lake, river, canal or the ocean.
  • Join a community or local group or create your own - there is power in togetherness.
  • Understand the threats to your local blue spaces and do what is in your power to address and educate people about them - for example pick up litter, advocate for better protection of nature, help prevent wildlife disturbance.
    Help more people in the local community to spend time in nature for their own wellbeing so that they too will want to protect it.

7. Support ocean charities

  • Volunteer your time and expertise - this is a great way to meet people, and it feels good too!
  • Donate to help them continue their important work.

We hope that hearing about all of Seaful's efforts inspires you to become a citizen of the ocean too! Want to get involved? Head over to Seaful.org.uk and get in touch with them today via their contact page.