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5 Ways To Remind Yourself To Take Your Supplements

Taking your supplements consistently is an essential part to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are following a diet that is lower in certain nutrients. They say that on average, it takes just 30 days to form a habit - that means just one or two NothingFishy supplements a day for one whole month should be enough to help you form a routine!

To help you to stay on track of taking your supplements all year round, we’ve put together 5 helpful ideas that you can try today. By following these supplement reminder tips, taking your daily dose of NothingFishy goodness will soon become like second nature, and you’ll be on your way to all of the plant-based and planet-friendly health benefits in no time.

1. Stick To A Consistent Schedule

Here at NothingFishy, we find that it helps to take our supplements at a specific time each day after eating such as after a morning, afternoon or evening meal. It’s a really easy habit to get into, and it will help to train your mind and body to associate your supplements with a specific part of your daily routine. Plus, it's great to know that our supplements are best absorbed with food!

2. Set Reminders On Your Phone Or Watch

Whether it’s a smartphone or a smartwatch, most if not all of us carry some form of tech around with us daily. Since they’re with us throughout the day, it can help to set digital reminders on your phone or watch to send you a notification when it’s time to take your supplements.

3. Put Them On Your Desk

Placing your supplements where you work or study can be an effective visual reminder, even during busy days. Plus, your NothingFishy glass jar will make for an adorable desk decoration! Just make sure to leave your jar out of direct sunlight to keep your softgels inside as fresh as possible.

NothingFishy Omega 3 supplements on a desk

4. Pack Them With Your Lunch

If you tend to forget to take your supplements while you're away from home, making them a part of your lunch routine can make remembering to take your daily dose all the more easier. If you take more than one type of supplement, you may want to store them in a separate pill box next to your food to keep them organised.

5. Create A Support System

Try sharing your health goals with a friend, family member or partner who can help you stay on track. You may want to discuss your current supplement routine with them and ask for their support in reminding you to take them regularly. You could even make it a shared goal with them and motivate each other!

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share with the NothingFishy community? Let us know via our social channels at Facebook and Instagram (@wearenothingfishy) for a chance to be featured!