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8 Vegan Myths Debunked

Posted on September 13

There are a lot of myths floating around about vegans, and it's very easy to believe some of them. But we're going to debunk them so you have a comeback whenever people spread these myths! 


1. Only vegans need to supplement nutrients 


Some vegans do need to supplement nutrients, but it totally depends on the type of vegan diet the person is following (keto vegan, junk food vegan, raw vegan etc). But they're not the only ones - a lot of meat-eaters should be supplementing nutrients. Both vegans and meat-eaters should be making sure they're supplementing vitamin B12, iodine, vitamin D, selenium, and omega-3 if they're not already getting them from food. 


2. Cows have to be milked otherwise they'll explode


This myth is one of the more ridiculous ones out of the bunch. If this was true, wouldn't all female mammals have to be constantly milked? In order to get dairy milk to the shops, the female cow needs to be artificially inseminated and when she's pregnant, she'll start lactating. Once she's given birth, her calf is almost always taken away from her straight away so her milk can be sold. If the calf is a female, she'll be raised like her mother as a milk making machine and if the calf is a male, he'll be turned into veal. 


3. Bees produce honey naturally so it's fine


Honey is a pretty controversial topic within the vegan community as quite a few vegans still consume it. Bees make honey naturally, yes, but they need it to survive. The bees work hard during the spring and summer to pollinate every flower they can. They do this by gathering nectar from the flowers, before regurgitating it, cooling it (with their wings), and storing it as honey in their hive. In bee farms, the bees are made to produce royal jelly, bee pollen, and beeswax along with honey. It's taken from the farm and sold for human consumption and most of the time the farmers replace the honey with sugar syrup. The sugar syrup is worse for the health of the bees as it lacks the essential nutrients, fats, and vitamins that honey has. 


4. Being vegan is expensive


Like every diet, it's as expensive as you make it. If you buy the processed vegan foods that have been shipped from another country, of course they're going to be more expensive but pasta, rice, and beans are the cheapest foods in the world. 


5. Vegans can't build muscle


According to most meat-eaters, vegans can't build muscle and are viewed as being malnourished and weak. In fact, that's quite the opposite. People who have transitioned to the vegan lifestyle have reported that they have more energy, strength, and increased libido. 


If you think vegans can't build muscle then we urge you to take a look at Nimai Delgado, Billy Simmonds, Yolanda Presswood, and Torre Washington. All of these bodybuilders are absolutely smashing their training while on a completely plant-based diet - we bet no one asks them where they get their protein from!


6. Veganism is just about diet


Animals aren't only used for food, but for your everyday products like makeup, washing up liquid, bleach, soap and much more. Over 100 million animals are harmed in the production and testing of things we use every day. 


7. If we don't eat livestock, they'll take over the world


Wrong, this is due to the fact that these animals only exist due to supply and demand. To put this into perspective, because people eat meat, dairy and eggs, 56 billion animals are slaughtered each year to provide for them. If we stop buying meat, the demand will stop and the animals will no longer be bred to feed us.


8. Vegans care more about animal lives than human lives


This could not be further from the truth, due to the fact that a lot of vegan issues lead to human rights. Animal agriculture seriously impacts climate change, world hunger, and the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. To fatten animals up to be the best quality for the supermarket, they need to be fed grains and soybeans, when they could be sold cheaply or donated to those who are hungry. 


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