Omega 3 for Dogs & Cats

Posted on October 01

omega 3 for dogs and cats


The omega 3 fatty acid DHA plays a vital role in the human body, but we're not the only ones who need healthy fats in our diets. Omega 3 is also an essential nutrient for dogs and cats. While our pets can make some essential fatty acids from the foods that they eat, like us, they must get others solely from their diets. That's why many veterinarians today are recommending that pet owners give their furry family members supplements in addition to their dog or cat food.


Fighting Inflammation in Pets


Studies have found that DHA is a natural inflammation fighter in dogs and cats. In pets, a fat called arachidonic acid can become converted into a substance that triggers an inflammatory response in the body. Research has shown that increasing the amount of DHA in a dog or cat's diet results in less use of arachidonic acid and less inflammation as a result.


The Benefits of DHA for Dogs and Cats


Because of the scientific evidence that DHA is a natural inflammation fighter in dogs and cats, vets now recommend it for a variety of conditions, including:


Allergies: These can develop when the immune system mistakes harmless substances as threats, triggering inflammation. By suppressing the animal's natural inflammatory response, DHA may decrease the risk of itching skin and other symptoms of allergies in dogs and cats.


Feline Miliary Dermatitis: Vets often recommend DHA supplements for cats suffering from the skin condition feline miliary dermatitis, which is also known as scabby cat disease. This itchy skin condition is marked by inflammation due to allergies, immune system dysfunction or infections caused by bacteria, fungus or parasites.


Arthritis: Osteoarthritis in dogs and cats occurs when the cartilages that pads and protects the joints breaks down due to age. This causes the bones to rub together, causing inflammation. DHA has been shown to ease the joint stiffness and pain in pets that results due to this inflammation.


Cardiovascular Health: The inflammation-fighting benefits of DHA are believed to help protect pets' hearts and circulatory systems. Studies indicate that omega 3 fatty acids can help to control heartbeat irregularities and to reduce the risk of blood clots.


Nervous System Development: Not only is DHA a natural inflammation fighter that can ease symptoms of itching due to allergies and a variety of other medical concerns, but the healthy fat has also been proven to play a role in the development of the brain and the rest of the nervous system in growing puppies and kittens.


The Best DHA for Dogs and Cats


Nothing Fishy Algae Oil DHA Supplement is an all-natural source of omega 3 derived from algae grown in a marine environment. The 200mg DHA dosage is what many vets recommend for dogs and cats, and with our supplement, you don't have to worry about your pet being exposed to the toxic heavy metals and PCBs found in many fish oil supplements. For more information about our algae oil supplement, you can check out the product page.


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