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5 Ways Omega 3 Can Help You Burn Fat

Posted on May 06

omega 3 for fat loss

Fad diets, over-exercising and weight loss pills aren’t the way to go if you want to burn fat and lose some weight. Omega 3 alone cannot provide the ultimate solution to getting your dream body. However, used as a supplement alongside a healthy, balanced diet and weekly exercise, it will certainly help you to see the results you crave. Here are some of the main ways that Omega 3, found in algae oil, helps to burn fat:


1. Reduces Your Appetite

Some people struggle to lose weight because they have such a big appetite. Even those who don’t usually eat a lot may go through periods where they don’t seem to be able to stop snacking. Your body may often be telling you that you’re hungry, when in actual fact, you don’t need to eat any more food. The correct daily dose of Omega 3 will prevent you from having a larger appetite than necessary, and as a result, you won’t feel the need to consume more than you need


2. Gives You An Energy Boost

If you’ve ever tried to exercise consistently for several days or weeks, you will have experienced the feeling of lacking energy on some days. You can’t expect to feel on top of the world every single day, but Omega 3 gives you the boost that you need to keep going. Not only will you feel more physical energy in order to get outside and go for a run, but you’ll also feel more energised to study, do important errands and be more productive


3. Provides Your Body With Essential Fats

When you’re told that you need to put fats into your body, that doesn’t mean cakes and treats at the weekend. Your body needs good fats which it can’t produce by itself, and these can be found in Omega 3. Not only do they help to protect your cells, but they improve the insulin activity in your body, thus increasing fat loss.


4. Decreases Cortisol Levels To Increase Metabolism

Cortisol is a hormone which you don’t want too much of inside your body. Too much of this hormone which leave you feeling tired and weak, and it promotes fat gain rather than loss. You can end up with too much cortisol if you’re not getting enough sleep, putting yourself under a lot of stress or feeling sad and depressed. Omega 3 helps to decrease the amount of cortisol in your body, and by getting rid of any excess cortisol, you can burn fat easier and faster.


5. Helps Build Muscle 

If you don’t already know – it’s definitely worth building some muscle if you want to burn fat effectively. Muscle burns around 20-30 times more calories than fat does, making the task of losing weight a whole lot easier for you. Supplementing your diet with Omega 3 will increase protein synthesis in your body, promoting muscle mass and helping to burn away the unwanted fat.