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Our Top 7 Vegan Apps

Posted on June 29

Being vegan isn’t always easy as society is generally set up for meat eaters. While being vegan can sometimes be confusing, difficult to maintain or just downright lonely, there are a whole niche of apps out there that can help. If you are thinking about going vegan or are already engaged in the lifestyle, here are a few of vegan apps we like the most:



happy cow app


Working in conjunction with the website, the Happy Cow app makes it easy to find vegan restaurants on the go. With the ability to search whatever location you happen to be in or are going to, you can find a list of restaurants that offer vegan options. Each restaurant can be sorted by whether it’s totally vegan, vegan friendly or just vegetarian. Plus, you can see reviews left by others and have access to a GPS map that can show you how to get there.

bunny free app


If you’re the kind of vegan who also would like animal products and testing out of your beauty products, Bunny Free is a must. This app allows you to search or scan the bar codes of different products such as toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, etc. so that you can ensure that no animals were hurt in the process of making it. The app also specifies which items contain animal products and which ones were tested on animals.



barnivore app


It may come as a surprise to new vegans but many types of beer, wine and spirits contain animal products or were made using processes that use animals. If you want to cater to your inner lush but want to make sure your Friday nights at the bar are still vegan friendly, check out the Barnivore app. Through either a search or the app directory, you can find out exactly which wines, beers and Vodka brands are safe to consume.



veganagogo app


This app is best suited for the vegan travelers out there. Language barriers and cultural norms can make it difficult to get a vegan meal when traveling abroad. However, with this app, you can rest assured that there won’t be any mysterious meat bits or fish sauce in your lunch while you travel. With around 50 language translations, you can play the app or show the text on the screen to your server in order to properly ask for the vegan dish that you need and want.



veganxpress app


Having vegan food and restaurants available every time hunger strikes is not always possible. Sometimes, as vegans, we are forced to eat in restaurants or go out with friends to places that are not inherently vegan. VeganXpress works to help you find vegan options in places that are notorious for being very “un-vegan.” From chain restaurants like TGI Fridays to fast food joints like McDonalds, this app will show you what items on the menu you can tweak to be vegan friendly when you are in a pinch.



is it vegan app


Nothing is worse than spending money on a new food item only to get it home and realise that it isn’t actually vegan. Pesky little ingredients like milk powder or gelatin are easy to miss when scanning the label which can cause you to not only waste money but get extremely frustrated. The Is it Vegan app works as a directory of ingredients for thousands of products, giving you a simple answer to whether or not you can eat it. And, if you don’t feel like using the search option, just scan the bar code and get an answer right away.



veg emoji app


OK, while this app may not be a necessity, it certainly is a fun way to express your vegan values and share them with your friends and family. Send little veggie Emojis throughout the day to cheer up or inspire your friends.


Apps make life easier all around and with these vegan ones to add to your collection, you can stay informed, make better choices and live your life in an animal friendly way without the hassle.