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Omega 3 for Dogs & Cats

Posted on October 01
  The omega 3 fatty acid DHA plays a vital role in the human body, but we're not the only ones who need healthy fats in our diets. Omega 3 is also an essential nutrient for dogs and cats. While our pets can make some essential fatty acids from the foods that they eat, like us, they must get others solely from their diets. That's why many veterinarians today are recommending that pet owners give their furry family members supplements in addition to their dog or cat food.   Fighting Inflammation in Pets   Studies have found that DHA is...

Omega-3 and Brain Health: Is this Natural Nutrient the next Nootropic?

Posted on August 24
 The importance of Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet is something which is greatly understood. Research over the decades has shown their many health benefits including lowering cholesterol and promoting brain, heart and eye health. More recent studies have shown that Omega-3 also functions to improve mood, memory and even cognition – the mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding. For this reason, there is ongoing research into whether Omega-3 fatty acids can be considered ‘nootropic’ – a word used to describe drugs, supplements and other substances that have been proven to improve brain function. Read on to find out...

Planet Plastic: A Problem of Oceanic Proportions and What You Can do to Help

Posted on August 08
    As humans we inhabit Earth’s land and have adapted it to meet our complex needs. For the vast majority of us who live in cities and urban areas, it can be easy to live day-to-day without encountering the coastline or sea. But over 70% of Earth’s surface is made up of Oceans –  and what for us is a mode of transport, holiday destination or something to admire aesthetically, is in fact home to over 700,000 species. Not only this, but the ocean produces 70% of the oxygen we breath, supporting all living organisms. Our growing use and...

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